11 Incredible Trips In North Carolina That Will Change Your Life

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Life-changing trips come in all shapes and sizes. It could be a simple weekend at the beach with unforgettable company, or a trip that involves conquering your fears while learning something new. The best part about North Carolina is JUST how adventurous the state is, so life changing trips are not too hard to come by – it might just take a little blood, sweat, and thrills!

1. Jockey’s Ridge

For a true Sahara experience right beside the coast, Jockey’s Ridge is wildly enchanting. Activities here can range from extreme to serene – like hang gliding off the sand dune or either just walking to the top to take it all in. As the highest active sand dune on the east coast, it made our list of the most incredible natural wonders in North Carolina.

2. Shackleford Banks

Shackleford Banks doesn’t only have the bluest, clearest water in North Carolina, but this small stretch of paradise is home to wild horses, some of the best seashells, and untouched marshland. A 15-minute ferry ride takes you to Shackleford, where you won’t find electricity or running water on the island.

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