The 15 Most Terrifying Trails Sure To Get Your Heart Racing

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When people imagine adrenaline-inducing experiences, they usually think of extreme sports or adventures such as kayaking down a gigantic waterfall. Terrifying walkways and epic trails are not an immediate thought, but there are some crazy paths out there. Thrill seekers from all over have found interesting hobbies and, frankly, they are terrifying.  One of the most hazardous ways to enjoy what nature has to offer is by hiking.

1. GR 20, Corsica

GR stands for “grande randonnée” which means “great trek;” and this is exactly what you’re going to get. This may very well be Europe’s toughest mountain trek. Many call it the continent’s hardest long-distance trek. It’s worth the effort and challenge because you get to see remarkable scenery, magnificent colors and free roaming wildlife. You will walk through towering pinnacles, deep forests, windswept craters, glacial lakes, and snow-capped peaks

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