Top 10 Highest Mountains Hike in the World

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Sometimes, adventure goes to extreme activities restricted for certain group of travelers who want to test their own boundaries. Mountain climbing itself is an adventure but what about conquering the highest peaks in the world?

Those who want to reach a place higher than the clouds, almost close to heaven will always set their goals to the Top 10 highest mountains in the world. Extreme climbers call them them “eight-thousanders”, in reference to the 8,000 meter- heights of these mountains. They are all aligned in the Himalayas range covering countries like Tibet, Nepal, Pakistan and China.

Here is a quick background of the highest mountains in the world.

1. Mt. Everest ( 29,035 ft) Nepal and Tibet

Most people are familiar with the name “Mt. Everest” and its title as the highest mountain in the world. Named after a British General Surveyor serving in India in the mid 19th century, Mt. Everest has 5 major glaciers. Best ascended during early May to avoid the monsoon which will bring heavy rains and strong winds. Like most “eight thousanders”, this mountain climbed hundreds of lives in pursuit in ascending and descending from its summit.

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